3 reasons to use Swift for iOS/OS X app development

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Everyone who’s planning on constructing iOS apps has to face some problems when deciding on a programming language. As obvious as it may be, a suitable language is an essential step that could regulate the fate of the entire venture. So let’s try to answer this question together: why Swift?


We are well conscious that this language is very new and it’s not even mature yet. However, that is the beauty of it. There are plenty of recent details to review, to find out its full potential earlier than others have even commenced mastering it. Exploring the specifics of Swift and mastering the way to place it to suitable use will let you transform your assignment into an achievement story.

So let’s see why Swift is different. 

Forget what you heard approximately Swift

To start with, it'd be honest to a word that Swift for iOS app improvement is a rather new programming language. The majority of Apple systems are built through Objective-C and only a year or two ago it turned into the most popular language to learn for developers. Everything new and too progressive for its time continually has a hard welcome. Therefore, Swift also needed to have its breakthrough into programmers’ hearts and laptops within the lengthy run. And even this far, it is probably no longer taken seriously into consideration because of a few myths going around. Read more iOS Online Training 

So let’s debunk some of the most famous misconceptions:

  • First, it's far an extensively spread opinion that “Swift is the hardest iOS app programming language to learn, comparing to the already existing ones”;
  • Second, “Swift is less mature, because of this Swift overall performance is much less powerful and poorly developed”;
  • Third, “since it is more youthful than the most, it has to be less famous and has a smaller community”.
  • Further inside the article, we will try to dispel the one's misconceptions and show the advantages of gaining knowledge of Swift. So let’s expose one's negative comments and provide an explanation for the advantages and disadvantages of Swift. Together we can build a sturdy knowledge of why the future of app growing favors Swift.

Reasons to grasp Swift

Reason # 1. It’s a progressive approach.

The truth that Swift is pretty a brand new language is the main motive to start studying it properly now. Swift changed into designed to make app development greater interactive and approachable. This way that pretty soon app growing could be greater handy for individuals who are constructing their very own applications. Therefore, it'll be more widely used. It may be taken into consideration the coding language of destiny. So, our recommendation for you – go with the principle: the newer – the better! Be the only one who stepped into the future inside the front row.

Of course, just as some other innovation, Swift demands a few changes and studying. It is right to apply something famous, however, it's far manner higher to be the only who’s engaged in the process of enhancements and innovations.

Reason # 2. You’ll be exploring state-of-the-art research.

As for the rest of the deceptive complaints, it'll be truthful to note that the modern concept does no longer means less mature. Swift is primarily based on combined revel in of the previous programming languages, which sincerely makes the developing technique extra secure and Swift syntax extra precise. It combines all of the strong capabilities from the others and yet continues its originality by using being interactive and expressive. Moreover, such a historical past made the entire experience of using this language pretty a laugh and easy.

Reason # 3. You’ll get the danger to discover its capability.

An argument approximately limited popularity is so far accurate. However, there's a tendency of switching from Objective-C to Swift among major initiatives systems and it’s growing. It shows that Swift is gaining momentum among huge IT businesses in addition to among normal developers. Moreover, any common programmer is now capable of the use of the Swift code for constructing easy iPhone applications.

This is why you have to supply Swift a try

There's no extreme need to emigrate from one iOS coding language to another. On the other hand, in case you are just planning to create a brand new utility for OS X or iOS tasks, we would suggest Swift.

  • Apple developers claim that Swift “is the primary industrial-best structures programming language that is as expressive and fun as a scripting language.” It is worth bringing up that Swift’s features supplement the description.
  • Simple code. One of the most enormous improvements is the faded duration of the code required for constructing all varieties of applications. It method the code is less difficult to research and writing code takes almost half of the time. Also, fun reality – now you may use emojis in your code.
  • Fast and effective. Swift syntax is created to help accurately a few typical styles of errors. It’s in a position to eliminate dangerous codes. Being much less at risk of errors makes the work safer, faster and way more user-friendly. A great bonus is that Swift's memory is controlled automatically.
  • Standard syntax. Swift syntax is concise and simple. It doesn’t suggest that it's far less expressive. However, it ensures productivity.
  • Room for improvement. Since the machine is pretty new, there are still plenty of possibilities for innovation. Swift has its manner to wonder us. Its innovators have sturdy intentions to turn Swift into a brilliant fulfillment, but they're still working at the new features.
  • Open-source. A decision to switch Swift into an open-source model received massive success and in reality, drew the eye of “outside” contributors.

Progress by no means stops. To be usually in advance of the game, we have to use all the opportunities we get.

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