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8 Best Makeup Courses in Zirakpur

Makeup artistry is one of the fundamental skills in the salon business, makeup artists are known to transform faces and give a fresh look to people with help of their knowledge and skills, the art is also one of the toughest to master and that is why your first step in the profession should be to join a reputed salon academy or an institute to learn the basics.

Now there are tons of makeup courses in Zirakpur that you can join, but only a few can give you the edge that you need, to be called a “professional makeup artist”. There are a few factors and quality checks that a salon academy must possess in order to be counted as the best. This list takes factors such as employability, affordability and quality into the equation and gives you a variated list of the best makeup courses in Zirakpur so that you can choose which one is the best for you.

8 best makeup courses in Zirakpur

1) FTV Salon Academy

There is hardly any competition for this well-known brand. FTV started in early 2000 and has since started multiple projects in the salon and beauty industry. FTV Salon academy offers top-quality makeup courses that come bundled with international certification and are taught by master trainers straight from the best salons in the world. FashionTV salon academy maintains its title as the God of Glamour with the help of exceptional course quality as well as other features such as a 100% placement guarantee and industry influence and exposure.

2) VLCC wellness and beauty institute

VLCC is an Indian-origin institute for wellness and beauty tech and has an amazing cosmetics range that is trusted by thousands of salons in the country. It brings the same level of dedication in its courses, VLCC makeup courses are formal and advanced and provide additional features such as traineeship and internship.

3) Lakme Salon Academy

Lakme is another international brand that has dominated the beauty industry with help of its different projects. Lakme salon industry is its venture in the salon academy business and it has managed to make a name for itself here as well. Lakme offers amazing courses with a lot of variabilities and an exceptional salon experience for its students.

4) NIIB institute

NIIB is the first entry on our list for a Zirakpur-based salon academy. NIIB has an amazing range of makeup courses and prides itself on its signature bridal package. It is an affordable option for students who do not require international exposure and simply want to get started in the business on a budget.

5) Orane International

Orane is a boon for novices and students due to its straightforward registration process and student-friendly environment, Orane also has a healthy mix of courses that provides students with clear theoretical knowledge.

6) Meraki Makeup Academy

Another community-led entry, Meraki is an amazing salon academy for those who want to excel in bridal makeup and beauty art. Meraki also offers wedding packages and salon services.

7) Queenz International Beauty Academy

Queenz is a recently formed establishment that was just started in 2019 but has since gained reputable growth in Zirakpur. The salon academy has a premium price category to match its quality of courses and offers a huge range of conventional and new-age makeup courses.

8) 99 Salon and Academy

99 Salon academy’s list of courses and their affordability make it a viable option for beginners and students who want to learn the tricks of the trade while on a budget.

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