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AngularJS- The best framework for your web app development needs!

The demand for AngularJS web app development has exponentially risen from a few years across the globe. To make an impact online, many businesses create their own websites and use different frameworks for it. There are many frameworks available in the market and AngularJS is one of the most popular ones. It is specially used for front-end development. It is thought to be the next big thing for web app development.

Let us have a look at why this framework is being preferred on a large scale across the world.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a structured JavaScript framework and is being largely used for developing adaptable and robust single-page applications (SPA). In this framework, all the commands and functions use code templates which are written in HTML script. It is one of the most flexible frameworks available in the market.

Growing demand for AngularJS web app development

AngularJS was introduced to the market in 2012 and since then, it has progressively proven its worth in the web development market. It allows the Angular JS app developers to create the most architectural and maintainable web apps. Being an open-source and client-side JavaScript framework, it helps in building interactive elements and components of a website. It has many powerful features due to which it has become the favorite choice of the developers. It’s difficult to imagine the development of a new-age single page apps without using AngularJS.

Why AngularJS is the best framework for web development?

Google’s support

AngularJS is developed by Google itself and is maintained by Google developers. There are highly skilled and enthusiastic engineers for assisting in any technical or maintenance issues. So, it has a strong community support.

Two-way binding

Two-way data binding is used in AngularJS and is considered one of the best features of this framework. One can easily develop a template that can bind different components and models. The modifications in the user interface will instantly impact the application objects and vice versa. For any module changes, user actions or browser events, the necessary patterns are updated immediately.


Web developers choose AngularJS because of its robustness, spontaneous features, ease of use and maintenance, etc. It is powered by amazing features like filters, data binding, animations, API client, scope management, form validation, etc. Also, AngularJS supports every tool for providing exceptional performance and outcomes. These help in building high-performing web apps.

Model View Controller (MVC)

AngularJS web app development uses MVC model which is a necessary feature for building dynamic web apps. It maintains data, improves the code quality, reduces the complexity and makes the development faultless by dividing logic, UI and process into separate modules.

Better User Interface with HTML

In AngularJS, the user interfaces are built on HTML. HTML is a declarative language and very easy to comprehend. The interfaces are completely well-thought, organized and structured.

POJO Model

AngularJS web app development makes use of the POJO (Plain Old JavaScript) model. POJO provides standard functionalities of JavaScript for object manipulation, so there is no need to add any additional elements. A POJO model provides well-planned and spontaneous objects.

Real-Time Testing

AngularJS has in-built and real-time modules. It supports functional and in-depth testing for every module and allows faster testing of the web apps.

Security and Responsiveness

Being a very flexible and robust structure, JavaScript framework allows implementing third-party libraries and packages. It helps to build responsive apps. Also, it enables embedding strict security features and makes the apps highly secure.

Ease of Use

The rich features in AngularJS make the development process much easier. MVC architecture makes it much easier and minimizes the need for writing the code.

Key Takeaways:

AngularJS is a promising framework that is helping businesses in developing interactive and user-friendly web applications. As compared to other frameworks, this multi-functional framework reduces the coding part significantly; this reduces the efforts of developers and chances of error. If you want to quickly progress in your business and add new clients to your pipelines, then AngularJS app development services will help you in accomplishing your business goals.

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