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Best Italian Restaurant And Wine Bar In Barnet

Are you looking for the best Italian contemporary restaurant in High Street, Barnet? Using traditional Italian recipes and the finest imported ingredients, as well as superb British produce, these Brits break the mould.

The best Italian restaurant in Barnet, London

Le Rose, High Street, Barnet - offers seasonal Italian cuisine

Le Rose is London's finest Italian bar and restaurant, overlooking the Barnet. We serve perfect pasta, appetizers, stuffed meats and fish in a casual atmosphere. The space has a beautiful environment and is perfect for family dinners, romantic evenings and business lunches. The tables are decorated with white paper tablecloths and twinkling tea lamps, lined up close together.

The menu offers the best Italian food in Barnet, based on seasonal produce, but for the two of you, we recommend some appetizers, a couple of pasta plates, and a large baking dish. Rich in meat, the stew is covered in slippery strips of pappardelle, steamed broccoli, and toasted asparagus with extra olive oil. If it's on the menu, with a wide range of drinks goes for the best Italian food in London.

Meat and fish cooked only over charcoal, presented with any flavour of polenta and delicate salsa verde or young beets. As for the food, the wines vary but there are a few varieties available by the glass. The casual Puglia Miro is filled with ready-made cherries or enjoy a rich espresso negroni as a nightgown.

Le Rose is a contemporary Italian restaurant and wine bar at its finest. The beautifully luxurious interior and colourful eclectic art collection create a super chic environment. The food is also excellent food you shouldn't miss out on. Delicious Italian lunch Barnet served with delicate spices, delicious lemon, olive oil and lamb's lettuce. The show's top desserts are insanely delicious with a chocolate bomb housed on your table. The service is attentive, charming, and competent.

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