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Best Product Bundles Apps for Shopify

Product bundles might be the answer if you're looking for ways to boost sales on your Shopify store. Product bundles allow customers to purchase multiple items at a discounted price, and they can be a great way to increase average order value and encourage people to buy more products. In this article, we'll look at the best product bundle apps for Shopify. We'll also explore the benefits of using them and how to set them up in your store. So if you're ready to start offering product bundles, keep reading.

Top Product Bundles Apps for Shopify

1) Simple Bundles & Kits

Are you looking to boost sales and engagement on your Shopify store? One great way to do this is by offering product bundles and kits. Customers love bundling because it offers them a convenient, all-in-one solution to their needs. And as a business owner, you'll love bundling because it can help increase average order values and boost sales. Creating and managing bundles is easy with the Simple Bundles & Kits app for Shopify. You can choose from various bundle types, including fixed, percentage, and freebie bundles. You can also offer kits, like mini-bundles that include one or more products and digital content such as ebooks, guides, or video tutorials.

2) Fast Bundle

The Fast Bundle app for Shopify is the perfect solution for businesses that want to offer product bundles. It allows businesses to create and manage their bundles easily, and bundling products can help to increase sales and boost customer satisfaction. The app provides various features, including creating unlimited bundles, setting different pricing for each Bundle, and tracking sales and customer activity. Fast Bundle also offers excellent customer support, so businesses can be sure that they are getting the most out of the app. Overall, the Fast Bundle app is an excellent choice for businesses that want to offer product bundles.

3) Tier

The Tier Product Bundles app is a great way to increase sales and conversions on your Shopify store. It allows you to create bundles of products grouped by price, so customers can easily see the savings they'll get by buying the Bundle. The app also includes built-in upsell and cross-sell features, so you can suggest other products to customers as they're browsing your bundles. And because the app is integrated with Shopify, it's easy to set up and use. So if you're looking for a way to boost sales on your Shopify store, the Tier Product Bundles app is a great option.

4) Combo Wise

Product bundling is a marketing strategy that involves offering multiple products for sale as a single package. This strategy can be used to increase sales and boost customer loyalty. Combo Wise is a Shopify app that makes creating and managing product bundles easy. With Combo Wise, you can offer discounts on your bundles, making them even more attractive to customers. In addition, Combo Wise makes it easy to keep track of your bundles and see which ones are selling the most. If you're looking for a way to increase sales and loyalty, then Combo Wise is the perfect solution.

5) Bundable

The Bundable app for Shopify lets you easily create and manage product bundles. With Bundable, you can choose which products to include in a bundle, set the price, and add the Bundle to your store. Bundable makes it easy to offer discounts on multiple products and lets you keep track of inventory for each Bundle. You can also use Bundable to create special offers and promotions, such as a buy one get one free deal. With Bundable, you have everything you need to create and manage product bundles in one place.


Product bundling is a great way to increase average order value and boost sales. But it can be time-consuming and expensive to create custom bundles for each of your products. That's where Shopify's BYOB app comes in. BYOB allows you to quickly and easily create custom bundles for your products without programming or design knowledge. Select the products you want to include in your Bundle, and BYOB will generate a unique code that can be used at checkout. You can also specify how many of each product should be included in the Bundle and whether the Bundle should be automatically applied at checkout or not.

7) Matrixify

If you're looking for a way to add product bundles to your Shopify store, Matrixify is your app. With Matrixify, you can easily create and manage bundles and give your customers the ability to mix and match products to create their custom bundles. Creating a bundle with Matrixify is simple. Just add the products you want to include in the Bundle, set the pricing, and choose whether you want to offer discounts for bulk purchases. You can also specify what kind of products can be included in a bundle - for example, you can allow customers to mix and match products from different collections or limit them to products from a specific collection.


Product bundling is an age-old marketing strategy that can be used in various ways to increase sales. This blog post has looked at some of the best Shopify product bundling apps for users. By using one of these apps, you can create custom bundles of products quickly and easily. Have you tried any of these apps? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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