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Compatibility Testing Services

QA Mentor’s Lab Compatibility Services was designed for the sole reason of testing all possible browser types and versions, OS and OS versions, add-ons, mobile platforms, and connection speed combinations. It would be difficult, expensive, and exorbitantly time consuming for a company to set up and perform these kinds of quality assurance tests on their own, and why should they? QA Mentor has the software and expertise in place, ready to start testing immediately with a team of key individuals dedicated to your project.

Our lab is equipped to provide comprehensive compatibility testing services and ready to test all current mobile environments including Blackberry, Google Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, Windows, Firefox, Ubuntu, Tizen, Bada, and Brew. With our mobile testing, you can rest assured that your mobile web page will look the same to all users, and/or your mobile app will perform the same on all supported devices. As the fastest growing market, this is not an area to neglect. While other companies may take shortcuts, here at QA Mentor we don’t use simulators. We use the real devices, hands on to ensure certified compatibility testing services.

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