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Connect brands with customers by creating an NFT marketplace like VeVe

Brands across sectors are venturing into the metaverse now. They are also using technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for trading licensed items. Which is that platform that is helping them sell these rare assets? It is VeVe. The New Zealand-based marketplace has bridged the gap between creators and collectors. It has had more than 1 million active users since its launch in 2018. Are you that entrepreneur aiming to move ahead in the creator economy? Start Veve like NFT marketplace development now.

The salient features of an NFT marketplace like VeVe

Virtual Showrooms - Collectors who purchase ultra-rare collectibles can create digital showrooms. Moreover, they can fix dimensions, move and rotate objects, and adjust the ratio by using their smartphones. This feature is highly useful for animations, sports goods, movies, and games.

Instant notifications - Importantly, auctions get over in a quick time once a drop opens. Likewise, an NFT marketplace similar to VeVe shares real-time updates once global artists, brands, and popular personalities decide to sell their collectibles. As a result, they can make bids before other buyers.

Secondary Market - Undoubtedly, collectors will compete heavily regarding the ownership of digital collectibles. What happens when investors miss out after a drop opens? They can get in touch with other collectors on the secondary market. Later, users can buy or receive rare collectibles to complete sets. Moreover, investors would be notified when collectors list their required NFTs for sale.

Licensor registration panel - Domestic as well as international brands can license their exclusive collectibles by clicking the registration button. They must enter details like email address, name, phone number, URL, total sales expectation (in million dollars), category (comics, film and television, sports, art, music, automotive, celebrity, and influencer).

Wrapping Up

Are you that cryptopreneur who is engrossed by the metaverse? Create an NFT marketplace like VeVe by contacting a white-label solution provider soon.

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