Smartphones are becoming smarter with time! Consequently, there has been a spike in smartphone usage for online e-Commerce activities. Thanks to its convenience quotient, this device is being preferred over other gadgets like laptops or tablets to execute online purchases and transactions. Moreover, it has been observed that online shoppers prefer mobile apps over browsers.

As per statistical reports generated by the renowned online portal Statista, the percentage of mobile e-Commerce sales was 52.4 % in 2016 and has sky-rocketed to 70.4 % in 2020. The mobile retail sales figures are predicted to rise faster in the years to come.

Therefore, it has become an absolute necessity for retailers to hire an e-Commerce mobile app development company for their next project. A mobile app is the need of the hour, to capitalize on the market demand and gain a competitive edge over peers! This article will enlighten you about the need for Mobile Application Development in the realm of e-commerce. So let’s get started.

Types of e-Commerce Mobile applications

The prevalent business models for e-Commerce mobile applications are B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer).

B2B models are adopted by business organizations that are offering products or services to other enterprises. Apps such as HootSuite, Linkedln Pulse, etc. are used for interacting with clients or business partners.

B2C, the most popular model, is employed by the online stores for interaction and transaction with the buyers of their products. H&M, eBay, Amazon, and Paytm are examples of the most successful online stores that have leveraged mobile apps to generate revenue.

Top advantages of eCommerce Mobile App Development

e-Commerce mobile apps usher in a plethora of benefits to the app creators. Let’s explore the top benefits.

Enhanced shopping experience

Mobile applications prove to be a super-convenient option for online shoppers and improve their shopping experience on account of the following reasons:

  • Purchases can be made from any location.
  • Unlike browsers, there’s no need for providing the URL, the user has to just open the app and look for products to shop.
  • An app facilitates faster loading of pages in comparison to browsers and responsive websites.
  • The payment feature powered by Apple and Android is an added advantage for users.
  • The apps utilize the inbuilt smartphone elements such as camera, microphone, GPS, AR, etc. to make online shopping more convenient, secure, and faster.
  • Innovative e-Commerce apps with AI technology provide a 3D visibility of how a product will look at the customer’s home!
  • Offline access to the saved products and some of the core functionalities aides the customers to finalize on purchase decisions.
  • The customers can track orders and also view the history of previous orders that are saved in the app.
  • Reaching out to customers is far easier by way of push or in-app notifications.
  • Social media integration for the users enables the easy sign-in process.

Builds customer loyalty

It has been noticed that a majority of customers resort to their favorite mobile app for shopping. But, how to make your app the customer’s preferred choice? Given below are certain strategies that work wonders to gain the loyalty and trust of buyers.

  • Collect customer feedback through reviews or online chats, and work on them to offer prioritized features.
  • Offer personalized product experience to customers based on their suggestions during previous purchases.
  • Use push notifications to inform customers about special offers or discounts and let them know when the products they had wished for would come back to stock.
  • Arrange loyalty programs for regular customers by providing early access to new collections, gifts for huge purchases, bonus on later purchases, etc.

Once you succeed in acquiring customer loyalty, your business will grow in leaps and bounds.

Identify shopping trends

Mobile analytics enables businesses to identify the buyer’s preferences and on-going shopping patterns, customers’ responses to particular features and content, etc. utilizing technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).The inventory is then updated to suit specific requirements based on customer priorities and changing trends. This is indeed a smart marketing strategy to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing patterns of the retail sector.

Brand recognition 

Mobile e-Commerce apps allow the customers to share their brand experiences, wish lists, product recommendations, etc. with friends and acquaintances on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This promotes the brand and attracts new customers.

Smart Investment

Mobile apps are user-friendly and far more flexible than other business models. They guarantee huge profits for the retail business as well. So, an app possessing the desired functionality and right concept increases the customer count and fetches more orders.

Final Verdict

An e-Commerce store without a mobile application is like a flightless bird! e-Commerce Mobile applications are powerful tools that advertise your brand, helps to gain and retain customers, and hence contribute to the growth and prosperity of your e-Commerce business. It’s high time that the e-Commerce business owners must not ignore the importance of eCommerce App Development and architecting mobile applications for their online store.

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