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DTDC Shipping Calculator

DTDC is an Indian courier, parcel, and package delivery service provider. They offer a shipping calculator to their customers to help them estimate the cost of shipping. This calculator can be used to figure out the cost of shipping domestically and internationally. It takes into account the weight of the package, the destination, and other factors such as insurance. Using the DTDC shipping calculator is a simple way to estimate your shipment accurately.

What is meant by DTDC Shipping Calculator?

DTDC shipping calculator provides the cost to ship a package using DTDC courier. The online portal, which stands for Delhivery Transportation and Data Company, has been providing its service since 2006, and it is one of the largest logistic companies in India.

These days, along with other companies, DTDC offers complete logistics solutions to businesses where they can get their cargo delivered anywhere throughout India or even abroad under one roof. Through this article, we will try our best to provide you with what it means by DTDC Shipping Calculator?

Shipping through DTDC:

When you go out to get your goods shipped, but you do not know how much it would cost you, you will be looking for some reputed online portals where you can find the price of shipping your goods to a particular destination. For example – You have a business, and you need to send some samples for testing, or if you want to send a gift item to your friend in another state, then who do you contact?

Of course, you will lookout for a courier company that provides services at affordable rates. In this case, DTDC is one of those reputed companies that anyone from any part of the country would prefer looking into as it is known for its quality services being provided for the past ten years.

In order to calculate the rate, you need to put in certain information such as weight and size so that it can give an accurate estimate amount, which helps us know how much we have to pay them to deliver our goods within a certain period.

How does DTDC Shipping Calculator work?

You can find many companies providing their services for the delivery of goods but what makes DTDC unique is that it has its online portal where anyone can go ahead and check out the rate, i.e. if you are looking to know how much it will cost to ship your goods from Delhi to Bangalore, then all you need to do is enter the origin city name in the search bar, choose your destination city name and click on get estimate. You will be given an approximate amount along with the timeframe in which they would make the delivery right at your doorstep. Isn't that great?

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while checking out their rates online:

You have to check out the weight of your goods to be quoted an accurate amount.

If you are shipping a high-value product, then there are chances that it might attract certain taxes in between, so you need to check with them before making any final decision.

DTDC Global Express Rates will give you an idea about how much it would cost if your destination is in another country. So, if you have to ship your goods internationally, this will surely help.

Do note that DTDC Shipping Calculator is not for all kinds of goods or items; only specific commodities can be shipped through this mode which means checking whether the company can deliver what you are looking for is equally important apart from checking out their rates.

What are the Benefits of the DTDC Shipping Calculator?

The benefits of the DTDC Shipping Calculator include:

- The shipping calculator can be used for just about any kind of business related to the forwarding and logistics industry.

- You don't have to spend a fortune hiring an expert or specialist when you want to start this online business in India.

- It's easy and affordable, so it doesn't require much effort to get started with DTDC services.

- Your company name will be viewed by thousands of customers every day in potential search results in Google and Yahoo in India and worldwide, which increases your chances of getting more customers in the future.


DTDC Shipping Calculator is software that calculates the shipping cost and time for any order. It also helps customers with their online shopping by providing various international shipment options, tracking number information, and insurance coverage offered on each package. You can use this tool to make sure you get your orders delivered as quickly and cheaply as possible. Have you tried out our shipping calculator yet? We've made it so easy to find what you need in one place – all without having to do complicated math or research different packages yourself. Give it a try today.

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