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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

A Complete Fleet Management Software

Track, analyze, and optimize your fleet operations with a comprehensive Enterprise Fleet Management solution. An all-in-one solution for your inefficient fleet operations.

Automate your fleet management processes

Benefit from a modular and upgradable solution designed to adapt to your changing business needs.

Save Money: With zero paperwork and a digitized workflow, your wasted time and expenses will be cut short by the day.

Access Anywhere: Get access to real-time and accurate data in a blink of an eye from any device you use.

Package Deal: Benefit from a variety of features offered by MartPro’s all-in-one software and improve your business thoroughly.

24/7 Support: We take great pride in providing you with the best customer service and technical support around the clock.

What You Get With Dedicated Fleet Management Software

• Fleet maintenance

• Fleet tracking

• Dispatch management

• Accident detection and claim management

• Route optimization and geo-fencing

• Budgeting and expense management

If You Own A Fleet Business, All You Need To Ensure A Smooth And Fast Functioning

• A responsive website for admin and users.

• Mobile app for fleet drivers.

• App facility to work in offline mode with several days of data to sync.

• Multi-level check to ensure authenticity.

• A mechanism to capture various gas meter readings.

• A report generator for various stakeholders.

• A Central Management System for trip creation and assignment.

Why do you need MartPro Fleet Management Software?

• Manage fuel expenses and prevent diesel theft

• Manage Trip planning better

• Better driver management and communication

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