Gojek Clone: Innovative On Demand Apps

Alexa James
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Businesses today survive solely on the basis of the way they innovate their services. In other words, the distinct way you provide your services to customers ultimately defines how successful you will be in terms of bringing in more customers and attracting them on a whole towards you and the services you offer on a whole.

If we talk about the traditional entrepreneurial scene then it was old mobile websites that used to help the new venture. However, in an age where technology defines the day for the common man of today, it is on demand apps that have taken them by storm so as to say.

Below we differentiate between these two and thereafter suggest the best one among the two in terms of helping you garner more customers and profits in short.

Comparison between Old Mobile Apps and New On Demand Mobile Apps

Old Mobile Apps through the Websites – Nature

In traditional mobile apps, users mostly would have to access the services from the browser through their respective device. Apart from this, the app was compatible across different devices and could be updated in an overall quick as well as prompt manner. Also worth mentioning is that the same couldn’t be deleted and are easier and less expensive.


However, despite these initial pros, it is not something worth adoptable especially in today’s day and age. This is because, people today run their life and start and end their day through a gojek clone app. Also, not many access websites through a mobile phone and this thereafter has led to the popularity of what we call on demand mobile apps.

Here’s a small description about this in detail.

New Intuitive On Demand Mobile Apps – Definition

The solution helps customers get access to quick and prompt services through the tap of a few buttons on their respective devices. Simply by providing details related to their location and choosing the service that they wish to avail of and the time and date they need the service the customer gets access to them in an overall easy as well as prompt manner.

Here are some distinctive properties of the solution.

Distinctive Nature of On Demand Mobile Apps

  • Presents users with a display of a large variety of items in an overall interactive manner so as to offer clarity in terms of price, the item details and so on and so forth
  • Offers personalization in relation to the services so as to make the app usage a very appealing one for the user
  • Makes it convenient for the business to capture more customers and build a brand as well as online presence in an overall simple manner as more people today are in search of quick and prompt services. This is available with an on demand solution.

In short, these are some differences between traditional mobile apps and the new innovative and intuitive on demand solutions that have gone on to break the traditional conservative ways of doing business altogether.

So, if we have to select among the two, the best for you, then we’d suggest the on demand solutions. This is because this is in vogue and is currently the trend in terms of capturing more customers, offering job opportunities to freelance labour and making services quick and prompt on a whole.

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