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Important Features of an NFT Auction Portal App

Artists are getting abundant opportunities for monetizing their creations. The sensational growth of the metaverse is the reason. Record-breaking sales are being witnessed daily. Are you an entrepreneur keen to start a blockchain-based platform for trading collectibles? Begin auction portal development now.

The important features of an NFT Auction Portal App are

Dutch and English Auctions - Content creators can instantly organize a sale. They can mint their assets, link their software wallets, and fix a price as per their requirements. Moreover, buyers get information about the reserve price, the number of items and the deadline left for the auction to end.

How do Dutch and English auctions differ from each other? The highest bidder will win the collectible in an English auction. However, Dutch auctions operate differently. The prices set by the artist will keep decreasing over a period.

Social media login mechanism - Artists and investors can instantly sign in on an NFT auction portal app. They can sync their social network accounts.

Explore Collections - Buyers can discover rare NFTs effortlessly by clicking the Explore Collections panel. For instance, collectibles are segregated based on the genre (artwork, domain names, music, photography, sports, trading cards, utility, and virtual worlds). Investors can click that and see the number of items available for sale, the social media account of the artist, and the floor price.

Filter and search collectibles - Interested buyers can filter collectibles based on the status (buy now, on auction, new, has offers), price (minimum to maximum), and the type of chain (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano etc).

Wrapping Up

Do you want to stay ahead of competitors in the metaverse? Partner with a leading white-label solution provider for NFT Auction portal app development now.

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