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Lakme Salon Academy Alternatives in Hyderabad

Every other beauty tech and salon enthusiast knows that Lakme salon academy is one of the best salon academies that offers an international level of education and amazing career-building opportunities. But with a recent boost of students taking up salon art as their career choice, it is getting harder for students to enrol in the same institute.

But fear not if you are looking to enter the field and are wondering where your first step should start if not from one of the best salon academies. There are tons of salon classes/ courses that you can choose from offered by other international salon academies in Hyderabad.

Whatever you do make sure you enrol yourself in one of these academies as a salon artist needs to have proper certifications and skills if he or she wants to make a serious career in the field. So if you are wondering which other academies or salon institutes you can go for, we have prepared a list for your perusal of some of the best Lakme salon academies alternatives in Hyderabad. We made sure that these selected replacement salon courses give them stiff competition to the Lakme Salon Academy and provide their students with the best learning environment as well as proper career opportunities.

So without further here is a list of some of the best Lakme Salon Academy alternatives in Hyderabad

1) FTV Salon Academy

FashionTV or FTV is one of the best salon academies that has its root prominent in the fashion and beauty industry. FashionTV salon academy has an amazing selection of saloon and beauty art courses that are catered for both beginners as well as professionals. FTV salon academy provides international certifications with its courses and provides industrial exposure along with master trainers and some of the best tools in the salon industry.

2) Orane International Academy

If you want a student-centric environment that brings a frontier level of courses in the salon and beauty art then Orane should be on your list. Orane offers some of the best courses and also has variety in different salon art genres as well which makes it perfect for students to develop a diverse portfolio for themselves. The best thing about Orane is that you get an easier registration and payment process which makes it an ideal alternative salon course.

3) VLCC Institute

VLCC is one of the best Indian-origin cosmetology institutes that give even international academies a run for their money. VLCC as a brand is considered the bread and butter of the salon industry with its amazing products that many salon owners swear by, they bring the same level of sophistication to their courses. This Lakme salon alternative has some of the greatest advanced courses that come complete with diplomas and certification which makes it a great choice for people who are already in the field and want to upgrade their skill set and portfolio.


Whichever field you choose there are always tons of alternatives to the “best” that is why we focus on the academies that can truly replace Lakme Salon Academy in terms of quality, diversity and qualification, and during our research, these three stood out among the others. Make sure you do proper research before you take the decision and have clear goals as to what you want from the academy first.

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