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Offer a world-class viewing experience by creating an NFT marketplace app with AR features

Technology is powering the metaverse now. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are helping artists to monetize their revenue. Which is that platform that is enabling all this? It is Veve. The New Zealand-origin NFT marketplace has sold more than 2.6 million collectibles since its launch in June 2018. Are you that entrepreneur eager to revolutionize the creator economy? Start Veve like NFT marketplace development.

Why virtual showrooms are a key highlight of a Veve clone

  • Collectors can showcase their collectibles to the target audience. They can create digital showrooms on their smartphones.
  • Later, buyers can fix a format and also physically walk through it. Besides that, investors can scan their surroundings and use formats like move, rotate, and scale.
  • Traders can also take photos of their surroundings and later share them with different instant messaging apps and social media platforms.
  • Are there any other options available? Retail and institutional investors can also borrow, buy, and sell from other NFTs.
  • How does this work? Users can tap the secondary market, see a list of collectibles, make bids, and purchase them.
  • Moreover, award-winning artists, brands, and popular celebrities can launch drops, share them aggressively with instant messaging apps and social media channels. They can choose options like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.
  • What is special about this? The entire NFT marketplace operates on a carbon-friendly blockchain network. This reduces the gas fees for both artists and investors as there is a drastic reduction in environmental footprint.

How scalability is ensured on a VeVe like NFT marketplace?

Immutable X protocol is powering the Ethereum-based trading platform immensely. The Layer 2 scalability solution has a transaction processing speed of 9000 per second. Further, traders can be confirmed instantly.

Wrapping Up

With a mobile app-based marketplace, VeVe is instilling a new revolution. It is also focusing on releasing cars and films as NFTs next year. Do you want to be a pioneer in the booming metaverse? Develop a VeVe clone soon.

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