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Perks that come with a multi-currency travel card

Multi-currency forex cards have changed the way we carry foreign currency abroad. They offer a safer way to carry foreign currency abroad than credit cards and traveler’s cheques. So, if you are a frequent traveler, it would be wise to get a multi-currency forex card before leaving India. This way, you can enjoy hassle-free travels.

A multi-currency forex card is a safe, easy, and cashless way to carry foreign currency. The best part is that you can avail yourself of unbeatable international currency exchange rates while loading your forex card. It is accepted worldwide and offers immunity against foreign currency fluctuations.

Perks of buying a multi-currency forex card

A multi-currency forex card comes with a host of advantages that you can avail yourself of on your travels abroad, which are:

• A multi-currency forex card can be loaded with multiple foreign currencies at once and enables you to travel the world without worrying about currency conversion charges.

• The value of a foreign currency is fixed at the time of loading the card. It means that you are protected against fluctuating international currency exchange

• It comes with all the security features of a credit card, which means that your transactions abroad are safe and secure.

• With a forex card, you can make international bookings and payments at hotels, restaurants, airlines, stores, clubs, cinemas, and petrol stations at zero or minimal extra charges.

• It is limited to just swiping at PoS terminals at merchant outlets. You can also withdraw cash from any international ATMs without incurring currency conversion charges. However, you may have to incur a nominal withdrawal fee on each transaction you make with your forex card.

• In the case of forex card misplacement, you can immediately inform the bank to freeze your balance. Your service provider will issue a new forex card. But, it is worth noting that forex card replacement comes with a fee that you will have to bear.

• It is now easy to keep track of your expenses and check your balance through instant SMS alerts.

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