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Pocket millions of dollars by starting an on-demand courier delivery service

We live in a fast-paced world now and customers want lightning-fast delivery of their high-end products. Entrepreneurs can satisfy the needs of users by offering an on-demand courier delivery service across various areas/regions. A top-notch app development company will help in creating an ultra-modern Uber-like app for couriers and offer in-depth support even after deployment of the logistics solution.

What are the various features of an on-demand courier delivery service app?

Availability of different services - An Uber-like app for couriers offers Air Cargo, Express Services, Global Express (several countries), Mass Mailing, Surface Cargo, and Warehouse Storage options for customers.

Live tracking of parcels - People can track their consignments on a real-time basis via GPS. They will know the exact time of arrival (ETA) of the courier delivery executives.

Quick execution of online payments - Users need not break their heads over not having the correct change (coins and currency notes). An on-demand courier delivery service app allows customers to process transactions through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and wire transfers.

A Rating and Review System - Users can rate the quality of domestic and international courier services on a scale of 1-5 in the integrated feedback system. Further, they can post comments and opinions about the professionalism of the delivery personnel. Hence, entrepreneurs can go through these reviews and take corrective action in case of gross negligence.

Provision of 24x7 technical support - Customers resolve their complaints and grievances seamlessly through the inbuilt Help Center. Round-the-clock technical assistance is offered via chat, email, and phone.

Wrapping Up

The global courier delivery market will grow by an impressive annual rate of 6% for the next 5 years. Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America will be the biggest lucrative markets for launching on-demand courier delivery services.

Positive trends like enhanced Internet connectivity, higher disposable income of customers, increase in smartphone usage, and regular purchases on e-commerce platforms will help entrepreneurs to reap more revenue from their Uber-like app for couriers.

Hence, dominate the courier, express, and parcel (CEP) delivery industry by hiring a competent app development company for captivating courier delivery app development.

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