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Test Automation Services

Business software and mobile applications requirements are growing exponentially, as is the pressure on IT teams to deliver quality products in less time and with fewer resources. Automation is a significant component of a mature QA team’s ability to deliver on those testing solution expectations. However, software testing automation services​ can be expensive and time-consuming to implement initially, and doing so haphazardly will only be detrimental to the IT team instead of helpful. Ensuring the long-term, successful implementation of QA automation requires a clear and reusable automation testing framework.

QA Mentor’s Automation testing company uses a systematic, time to market multi-stage approach to creating a framework for your organization. In simple terms, a framework defines the organization’s way of doing things. Combined with a dedicated team of automation engineers, an automation framework standardizes your automation process into a single entity across your organization. It eliminates inefficient, ad-hoc scripting and replaces it with a well-defined, reusable automation testing process.

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