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The Spectacular Applications created in Angular!

Angular had emerged to be one of the most pioneering app development frameworks of contemporary times. This JavaScript framework came into being as AngularJS back in 2010. It has evolved at a rapid pace since then, on account of multiple up-to-the-minute enhancements by the Angular team leveraging the latest technological innovations. Today, Angular has as many as 10 updated versions to its credit and no one can deny its valuable contribution in architecting distinctive applications. Versions developed after AngularJS had a major overhaul in terms of the development of applications for multiple platforms like web, mobile, native desktop, etc. Most of the Angular end-products have created a buzz amongst users owing to their uniqueness and had set a trend in themselves. It goes without saying that Angular app development has helped several start-ups as well as established businesses to grow exponentially.

My write-up gives you a peek into those Angular applications that have garnered unprecedented success and have become a part and parcel of our daily lives.

The most popular end-products of Angular app development

Angular app development services turn out to be a one-stop solution for designing handy mobile and web applications. Angular has successfully created numerous applications catering to the requirement of diverse industry verticals. Take a look at some of the popular Angular applications that have become an integral part of our daily lives.


Gmail, the most widely used free e-mail service across the world with a user count exceeding 1.4 billion, is one of the finest examples of Single Page Applications created in Angular which is high in performance and has the most intuitive interface with very smooth user experience. Gmail was introduced in 2004 and had undoubtedly stood the test of times. Lately, the multilingual-feature has been introduced, on account of which Gmail can be operated in 105 different languages.


The most trending social media platform YouTube owes its success to Angular development. This platform not only enables its users to watch and post videos but also to share videos with millions of global users.


Netflix is the most sought-after platform for watching our favorite movies irrespective of the time and location. This California-based organization offers paid media services to users via video streaming over the internet.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Online is the notable haven for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; offers a dedicated digital calendar named OneNote and also a free online storage tool called OneDrive.


The employers planning to hire freelancers can interview and recruit candidates residing in any part of the globe using Upwork. This service offers amazing features, data protection for different categories of users, etc.


This application connects Freelancers to businesses that provide projects. The website contains more than 15 million Freelancers. When the available projects are posted by the respective employers, the freelancers compete with each other through bidding for acquiring the project. So, this platform not only helps the freelancers to find work but also aides the entrepreneurs to find the desired resource for executing their task in much lesser time.


This top multinational IT Company leveraged Angular to design its Mobile First Platform Foundation, also known as IBM Work light, for adopting their data services and magnanimous analytics to mobile platforms. Angular was chosen as they decided to keep the usage and look traditional.


This renowned airline service provider based in the US, also operating in the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America; has profited greatly from Angular development services. The US News and World Report had awarded JetBlue the “Best Airline Rewards Program” for the year 2014-15.


MobileRoadie is a top-rated platform used for architecting outstanding mobile applications that run on iOS as well as Android. This platform has become quite popular amongst app developers around the world as it enables creating apps without the need for any coding knowledge.


Wikipedia, one of the most sought-after global websites, has been revamped using WikiWand by improving its navigation, usability, and readability. WikiWand, an exquisitely designed wrapper in Angular used for Wikipedia, comprises a novel interface containing a navigation bar, a sidebar, and a plethora of other features that are easily navigable and user-friendly.

Some other Angular Applications

  • PayPal is considered to be one of the most secure application software for online money transfer.
  • The world’s top music website, Vevo hosts 150,000 video clips to more than 200 nations.
  • The New York Times has made use of Angular’s new data visualizing feature for creating great data-heavy API for their website.
  • The Angular empowered enterprise app of Guardian, a popular UK-based newspaper catering to over 100,000 people, provides online access to a huge number of users globally.
  • Walmart, the retail giant, with 260 million customers and 11,500 stores in 28 nations across the world, has also utilized Angular app development services to create a splendid website.
  • iStock offers a vast collection of videos, images, and Photo clips that can be bought at reasonable rates.
  • The website of Weather collects weather updates from all parts of the globe periodically and is known for its ability to provide accurate weather forecasts.
  • provides free tutorials, courses, videos, and case studies which prove extremely beneficial for newbies trying to learn the Angular framework.
  • Udacity provides effective e-Learning courses in data science, programming, digital marketing, AI, etc.
  • GoodFilms is a platform for reviewing and rating movies using graphical representations. Furthermore, the reviews are filtered so that only genuine ones are displayed on the website.
  • Lego, the renowned Danish manufacturer of plastic toys, migrated to Angular for redesigning their webpage, resulting in enormous profits.


These groundbreaker applications prove Angular’s worth in the realm of app creation. As a consequence, most entrepreneurs these days are hiring an Angular app development Company for designing their enterprise apps.

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