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Top 5 Graphics Cards Under 5000 Priced

If you want to upgrade your graphics card then there are many factors that need to be considered before doing so. Budget is one such factor. I would recommend to my friends that they buy a graphics card under 5000, especially for those who know very little about computers! Here's why:

Best Graphics Card Under 5000Rs. No problem, got you! Now in this next post I am going to tell you about the best graphics card under 5000 Rs. First of all, let's discuss how increasing the RAM and heat sink will improve your gaming graphics card performance and how made a big mistake while purchasing the budget graphics card for cheapest possible budget PC! You need to read on!

RAM - If you do not have enough RAM then you are not going to be able to increase the dpi of your images or games. There are various price ranges of RAM and also various manufacturers. So, go for one of the best brands. Asus, Samsung, Gigabyte, and so on.

Heat Sink - The heat sink is important if you want to get good PC performance from your graphics card. The better performance means better performance in your computer. However, it is only when your card reaches the right temperature does it perform the right way. The mentioned graphics card comes with a decent cooling fan, which is always a plus point. However, one thing you may have to check out is the fan is noisy while the GT 710 2GB comes with a quiet but powerful fan. It may not be the quietest graphics card but its fans work very well.

Memory Clock - It is mandatory that the memory clock is right for your computer as it performs the prime role of processing all the graphic cards tasks. When this clock is not enough, the card stalls and you will be getting poor performance from your PC. So make sure that you get the right memory clock for your graphics card. Check out the specification sheet carefully. There is no point in buying a card which has a clock which is too low and will not let you enjoy good performance.

integrated graphics - This is yet another category of cards and is mainly related to the speed of the processor. The integrated graphics card has got an integrated circuit on it, which helps to send the signals from the CPU to the monitor and from the monitor to the CPU. So, what this means is the speed of the processor can be directly proportional to the speed of the integrated graphics. Therefore, if you use a slow processor, you will have less graphics processing power. You should check this out carefully when purchasing your pc.

High-end graphics cards - The high-end graphics cards are made for the hardcore gamers. They are usually made from high-end parts and include various technologies such as pixel shaders, 3D modeling libraries and so on. Hence, it is advisable to purchase the high-end graphics card only after conducting extensive research over various price ranges. Another important factor that you should note down is the manufacturer's warranty. Most of the manufacturers offer warranties for their products so make sure you also take it into consideration.

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So now, you can easily understand which of the top 5 graphics card brands you should buy. I personally prefer to purchase a gaming performance graphics card from brands that I am familiar with and trust. One good thing about that you can easily know about them through the online reviews and testimonials. If you want to purchase a top performing and reliable graphics card, then go through some reviews and forums. You can definitely land up with a top performing and reliable graphics engine from one of those brands.

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