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Top AngularJS Tools for Architecting Exemplary Web Apps!

AngularJS is a structural framework extensively used for designing single-page web applications i.e. SPAs in a dynamic manner. Based on JavaScript, this framework also provides extended support for HTML5. AngularJS is a perfect pick when the performance and the user-experience of the apps are the top priority. Owing to the myriad benefits it offers, some Tech Gurus and expert Angular app developers have even termed this framework as a web app synthesizing powerhouse. As a result, this disruptive framework is highly in demand for web app development.

But AngularJS tools play an important role here. Without the right set of AngularJS tools, this framework can’t really do the best. These tools ease the development process by helping developers to build attractive and professional templates. So, before starting the development, it is advisable to have knowledge of these tools.

This blog outlines a short curated list of some of the most well-known AngularJS tools available in the market for building web apps. Let’s dive in deeper.

Popular AngularJS Tools for Architecting Creative Web Apps


This tool is primarily focused on the testing part. It offers an ideal testing environment to the Angular app developers as it comes with rich features like mobile handset support, real browser implementation, etc. Thus, they can test the apps on real devices and real browsers. This flexibility for testing ensures that the final website will be quite flawless.


WebStorm is a tool that comes with one of the best and smartest code editor that extends substantial support toNode.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. along with their progressive successors. WebStorm is also known to be the best AngularJS IDE. It works well with most of the new-age technologies, making it a flexible tool. Another important feature of this tool is that it comes with a live editor which enables the developers to view the changes in the code instantly.

Angular Material

More than a tool, it is a UI component library consisting of approximately 30 UI components and services. The UI components are easily accessible, reusable, and well-tested for web app development. It offers features like browser portability, graceful degradation, and device independence which are fundamental design parameters and enable the development of outstanding websites. Right from creating simple buttons on the website or features that hover around, Angular Material supports everything.


It is a behavior-driven testing tool and doesn’t depend on DOM, browsers, or other JavaScript frameworks. It suits to any project where JavaScript runs and also for any projects built on Node.js.

Angular UI Bootstrap

This tool is created on top of Bootstrap- a well-known front-end framework. It is best known for the flexibility of customization it provides during web app development. It allows the developers to utilize a host of components with dependencies like Bootstrap CSS, Angular Js, Angular- Touch, Angular- Animate, etc.


It is the browser extension for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It acts as an inspector pane that helps the developers in understanding the AngularJS apps, creating and debugging them. Also, with the use of Controllers and Directives, this tool easily identifies and displays every scope.

Sublime Text

In case the developers are looking for an easy alternative rather than hectic coding, Sublime Text is the apt solution. It is known to be the best text code editor which is preferred by a large number of Angular app developers worldwide as it makes coding less tedious and more fun.

Angularjs UI

Built with AngularJS, this tool is nothing but a collection of UI components. It consists of utility directives that aid in the speedy development of the web apps. It utilizes raw directives like ui-map, ui-router, ui-calendar, etc. instead of widgets. It is quite easy to use, lightweight, flexible, and back-end agnostic.

Generator Angular

This is another tool that enables faster development that too with a few terminal commands. It allows the developers to set up any project quickly with sensible defaults. The devices can automatically generate a development server, frameworks, unit, view, directives, and many more.

Code Orchestra

It is a front-end development tool utilized for both- development and testing purposes. It allows the Angular developers to write the code in real-time. As the code is modified and saved, the changes are instantly updated on the working app with the use of a special protocol. Also, this tool supports any IDEs.

Angular Kickstart

As the name suggests, this tool is considered the best fit for SPA development. It has a scalable build system for making the development and testing a cakewalk. This tool helps in keeping the consistent project structure and helps in the easy creation of a fully optimized production release.

Few other AngularJS Tools

Restangular: It is a tool that needs minimum client code and simplifies common GET, DELETE, POST, and UPDATES requests. It best suits the Web Apps that consume data from a RESTful API.

Protractor: This is an open-source framework which allows the developers to do testing end to end for AngularJS and Angular. It is built on WebDriver. This tool is used also for writing regression tests for web applications.

Videogular: As the name indicates, this tool is nothing but an HTML5-based video player that enables the developers to easily include multimedia elements and videos in the apps.

Djangular: This is a reusable tool that offers enhanced app integration with AngularJS.

Mean: It’s a perfect and simple boilerplate that comes with configured and pre-bundled modules like Passport, Mongoose, etc. Mean is used for the creation of apps in MongoDB, Express, Node.js, etc.

Suave UI: This tool utilizes CSS definitions like Form Elements, Grids, Colored Buttons, etc. Its services and directives help in the quick and efficient development of various several web-based user interfaces.

Mocha.js: It is a feature-rich JS test framework that runs on node.js and the browser. It is quite flexible with accuracy in terms of mapping and reporting.

AngularFire: This tool comes with features like 3-way data binding and flexible API that eases the development. It enables the easy creation of the backend of the Angular app.

Angular Deckgrid: It is a lightweight grid where the directive makes use of a CSS file for any visual representation and doesn’t rely on it.

Angular GetText: This tool is literally considered as a super easy translation support tool. Using this tool, one just needs to type the text in English and mark it for translation. The tool takes care of it once marked for translation.

Final Verdict:

If you are an Angularjs development company or an Angular app developer thinking of using AngularJS for your web app development project, the aforesaid tools will be great to start with. These tools will together aid in several functions like front-end development, testing, code generation, and also to leverage text editor, IDE editor, modules, Grid tools, extensions, elite libraries, and more. They will enable smooth and easy-going development of your web app.

We hope the blog was helpful!

Which AngularJS tool have you used for your project?

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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