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What are some common materials used for cotton washcloths for face?

The most common materials used for cotton washcloths for face washing include:


Pure cotton is soft, breathable and gentle on skin. It's easily the most popular material.

Terry cotton

Terrys have looped fibers on both sides making them highly absorbent for washing and drying skin.


Made from cotton, muslin is very soft, lightweight and affordable. It's pliable when wet.


Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic.


Hemp cloth is durable, quick drying and soothing for sensitive skin types.


Softer than cotton, linen fabric allows skin to breathe and wicks away moisture well.

Organic options made from GOTS certified cotton or bamboo are also common. The natural fibers don't contain harmful chemicals that could irritate skin. Microfiber cloths are sometimes used but their small fibers can feel rougher than options like cotton, muslin or bamboo. Softness and absorbency are priorities for gentle face washing.

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