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Is it simple to build up an application like Instacart?

miah aryanna
· 14:55 08/05/2021
14 giờ trước

Instacart is an app that handles on-demand grocery deliveries. It’s a convenient option to have for people who don’t get the time for it, or have no real motivation to dress up and go to the grocery stores themselves and hunt down each item on their list.

It’s also okay to wonder how this process works behind the scenes.

The user browses and selects all grocery items that they require on the app. Once the order is listed down, the app assigns a shopping partner to find the products in the order or suitable alternatives. The order is delivered back to the customer where they are paid.

The user UI, shopping partner UI and admin UI seamlessly integrate to allow the app to function as it does. It’s easy to get this clever piece of technology in your hands as Ubereatslikeapp has provided Instacart clone app solutions.

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