Ionic Mobile App Development is the preferred choice of businesses across diverse domains for architecting their enterprise mobile applications. As per research conducted by AppBrain, Ionic constitutes 3.82% of the entire mobile app market! But why is this platform so popular? The answer is simple. This ingenious framework facilitates the creation of outstanding mobile apps within a limited period and proves to be immensely budget-friendly. Ionic has enabled some of the fastest-growing start-ups such as iPic, Pacifica, Market Watch, Untappd, etc. to transform their futuristic vision into reality. Needless to say, the entrepreneurs who have not yet explored the benefits of Ionic must spare some time to gain insights about this versatile framework.

This write-up will enlighten you on how the Ionic framework helps to reduce the project development cost considerably without compromising on the quality. So, let’s embark on a journey to explore its potentials.

Ionic framework in a nutshell

Ionic, is an open-source SDK based on AngularJS structure used for developing hybrid applications by integrating web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 technologies. It was launched in 2013 and has undergone various stages of enhancement since then. Its latest updated version Ionic 4.0.0, captioned as “Ionic for everyone” has gained immense popularity amongst the community of software professionals.

Top reasons why Ionic App Development is cost-effective

Easy learning curve

Developers having knowledge of web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS can easily work on the Ionic framework.Hence it is easy to learn, comprehend, and use from the developer’s perspective. Therefore it’s not a difficult task for companies to switch to the Ionic platform as the required expertise can be found easily and is not too expensive either.

Multiple platform adaptability

Single codebase developed in Ionic can be used across various platforms. The presence of highly customizable elements and themes enhances the adaptability of Ionic. It supports multiple platforms like Universal Windows 10 Platform, iOS 7, and Android 4.1 to name a few.

Its stability and promptness accounts for the creation of high-end UI with additional functions and allows reusing the code to architect apps for various platforms.

Excellent Community Support

This framework has a good backing of developers belonging to the Ionic community who provides support and assistance to all the developers worldwide. Thus development can be completed at a fast pace.

Presence of Cordova Plugins

Ionic framework employs Cordova Plugins which aids the app designers to access various components like GPS, Camera, Flashlight, etc. Any of these modules can be put to use to architect the desired mobile application, depending on the project requirement.

Usage of AngularJS

Ionic is built on AngularJS, thereby providing a wide range of functionalities to the Ionic app developers. AngularJS also imparts a robust structure that makes the code easily manageable.

Speedy Development

The Ionic platform provides a plethora of functionalities which reduces the development time. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ready-to-use animations and themes for the creation of a visually impressive app.
  • Capability to create customized codes.
  • Numerous native device features.
  • Provision of drag-and-drop option for core UI components.
  • Usage of third party plugins facilitates faster development
  • Speedy developmental cycle reduces the time to market and provides a competitive edge to Ionic app development Companies.

Easy testing and debugging

Cordova commands enable multiple testing and debugging sessions to be executed on a desktop browser or a stimulator, without the need to re-deploy the app each time. A special feature, namely ‘Ionic lab’ provides the visibility of the app design and the app’s performance on different platforms employing an inbuilt stimulator. Hence, the time and efforts of Ionic app developers are saved.

Final Verdict

Ionic framework offers a complete solution required for developing budget-friendly applications that captivate customers and elevate employees. Thus, hiring an Ionic Mobile App Development Company would be a smart move for the start-ups and SMEs intending to create a cost-efficient mobile app solution and reach out to a huge number of users across the globe simultaneously.

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