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Tried and Tested Strategies to Optimize your Angular App’s Performance!

The open-source JavaScript framework- Angular is one of the best picks for developing client-side web and mobile apps. Besides, the Angular team’s frequent updates to keep up with the ever-changing customer expectations have helped to maintain high standards in Angular applications. Consequently, several software magnates like Google and Microsoft have harnessed the benefits of Angular app development.

However, Angular apps turn out to be highly performance-based, only if the best developmental practices are adhered to. Also, once the app is live, if you notice a sharp decline in the app-visit traffic, a decrease in the engagement rate, and an increased bounce rate, it’s high time you must act to boost the performance of your Angular applications.

So, in this write-up, I have penned down certain tried and tested strategies to be adopted for boosting your Angular app’s performance.

Techniques to Resolve the Key Performance Woes in Angular Applications

• If an app encounters frequent slowdowns, the users lose patience and abandon the app for another one with similar functionality. To resolve this issue, optimize your hosting by using PWA or static cache content.

• Unexpected app crashes are likely when several requests are made to the server around the same time. To prevent this, one can slow down the HTTP response or utilize a quality service aggregator.

• Needless server usage not only threatens an application’s security but also affects its performance. So, it is important to do away with unnecessary change detection.

• Compatibility issues may arise when the apps don’t match the rules and regulations of the migrated technology. This affects the app functioning and hampers the user experience. In this case, try to get rid of the unwanted mathematical recomputations by eliminating them from the app.

• Heavily loaded data streams may cause sudden pop-ups in the Angular apps. For such issues, reducing the size of the bootstrap logic is advisable.

Tips to boost an Angular app’s performance

Identification of Performance issues employing Chrome DevTools

Any performance issues in the Angular apps need to be identified first. Performance issues can be detected at the earliest by employing Chrome DevTools like CPU Profiler, Timeline, etc. and then several ways can be employed to resolve them.

Improving Load-time Performance

AOT Compilation

In AOT compilation, i.e. offline compilation, most of the code is compiled during the build process itself. This reduces the processing to be done on the client browser.AOT will be enabled simply by specifying the ‘aot’ flag with Angular-CLI.

Uglification Process

This process involves minimizing the code size by employing different kinds of code transformations like removing white spaces and comments, mangling, etc. Specify the ‘prod’ flag for performing uglification in the case of Angular-cli and employ the uglify plugin for webpack.

Tree-shaking Process

The tree-shaking process involves the elimination of the unused code to reduce the build size. Tree-shaking is enabled by default if Angular-cli is used.

Usage of Fewer Watchers and Shorter Digest Cycles

Using many watchers leads to a longer digest cycle, thereby affecting the app’s performance. So, Angular app developers should possibly use fewer watchers and keep the digest cycles shorter.

Disabling of Unnecessary CSS Class and Comment Directives

Since CSS Class and Comment Directives take time to load and slow down the Angular apps, it is wise to disable them. For this, use $compileProvider in your Angular project.

Loadash Usage

Installing and loading angular-loadash in your application will enable you to rewrite the code’s logic and then update the same within the built-in Angular methodologies.

Using Smaller DOM Trees

Accessing the DOM frequently slows the app down and adversely affects its performance. So, use smaller DOM trees and possibly, do not change the DOM.

Using Smaller Variable Scopes

Larger Variable Scopes too result in bad performing apps. Hence, it is advisable to use the smaller variable scopes. Also, if the variables are tightly scoped, the garbage collector can release memory occasionally.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading involves loading only those modules that are needed at that instant, rather than loading the full app. This greatly reduces the initial loading time.

Usage of OnPush and Immutable Objects

Usage of OnPushminimizes change detection. OnPush means faster detection of values when the reference types are nothing but immutable objects. Immutable objects can be utilized for rendering the DOM and for reducing complexities.

Employing Web Workers for UI’s non-blocking

Functions like resizing of graphics, data encryption, etc. include the main thread. But these tend to freeze the UI and end up irritating the end-users. However, web workers can use such complicated functions while not including the main thread during the background processes and simultaneously, maintain a smooth UI operation. These web workers can be used in instances like executing complicated calculations, filtering images, formatting the content in real-time, etc.

Usage of Smart Tools to Boost Performance

• Protractor: This versatile testing tool, created by the Angular team, provides high flexibility while testing applications.

• Batarang: This debugging tool, also a brainchild of the Angular team, is a chrome extension that proves immensely beneficial to track performance benchmarks.

• WebDriverIO, NightwatchJS, and TestingWhiz are few other outstanding tools.

Key Takeaway

Every Angular App Development Company and Angular App Developer must be aware of these best practices. These must be implemented properly during development as well as post-deployment to optimize the performance of Angular applications.

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