108 Project Management Statistics to Help You Ensure Project Success

Project management in all its complexity is always a challenging feat. Now that a lot of organizations have felt the push to experiment with remote operations, the field is confronting new kinds of impediments. However, that has not stopped good project management from being an integral part of an organization’s success.

The radically changing project management landscape today is reshaping the very nature of work. While there is nothing new about change, the project economy requires project managers to continuously create and deliver value through projects. Whether it’s tools, techniques, or ways to minimize project failure, they must pivot quickly to meet changing demands. Project management statistics are crucial for gauging such changes and navigating around them. People, not processes, tools, or systems, deliver projects. That’s why keeping abreast of the recent changes, facts, and statistics will equip you to sharpen your skills and become a better project manager.

Here are some relevant project management statistics that can help you ensure project success.