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How to Create a OTT Subscription Service, Website or Platform?

What Do You Mean by an OTT Video Subscription Platform?

An OTT subscription platform allows users to view on-demand video content as per the user’s schedule. A viewer does not require a cable connection for viewing the content on an OTT subscription platform. A viewer can easily access OTT video content via a multimedia device and internet connectivity. OTT platform subscriptions come with access to unlimited on-demand content.

Read on to know more about the OTT platform and how to launch it for your business.

What Is the SVOD Model for OTT Platforms?

SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) is a monetization model for OTT platforms. There are other monetization models for an OTT platform like TVOD, AVOD, and PVOD. SVOD platforms charge the subscription amount from the users in exchange for unlimited access to the OTT content. SVOD model-based OTT platforms have different subscription plans that are monthly, quarterly, or yearly. SVOD model is one of the most-used business models for OTT apps.

How to Judge Whether You Are Ready to Launch an Online Video Subscription Platform?

The things that you should have for starting your video subscription platform are as follows:

• You Have Enough Content to Start

You should have some planned or pre-recorded videos for your OTT content. This will help you with getting started for time being. You will need abundant OTT content to retain your users for a long time. OTT viewers prefer a video subscription website/app because it offers them vast content. You will need to provide more OTT content than cable TV platforms to attract viewers.

• You Have Audiences for Your OTT Content

Do you have an existing audience for your OTT content? Businesses build an audience on free streaming portals and then launch their OTT platform. If you don’t have enough audience to view and share your OTT content, it is better to work on it first. If you have people that listen to you, you can gain subscriptions easily for your OTT platform.

• You Have Enough Customer Engagement

Is your business/brand having a strong market reach? You should have enough customer engagement for starting a subscription-based video on-demand platform. If customers are engaging on your social media posts or are viewing clickable advertisements, it means you have an engaging audience. An engaging audience will share your OTT content with other users and, it will help in brand promotion.

• You Are Ready to Invest in Marketing Strategies

Besides developing an OTT platform, you also have to invest in better marketing strategies to promote your OTT content. Organic traffic may take some time and paid marketing strategies will show immediate results. If you have enough funds to market your OTT videos, you can launch your subscription OTT platform. Once you have built a brand reputation, you will experience more organic growth.

How to Start a Video Subscription Service?

The steps for launching your video subscription platform are as follows:

• Choose a Reliable Platform Provider

You should choose a reliable OTT platform provider for launching your subscription video platform. Choose a platform provider that offers white-label solutions for your subscription video platform. You will have to pay only once to a white-label platform provider and can enjoy lifetime ownership of your OTT platform. Look for a provider that lets you create a customized OTT platform according to your business needs.

• Plan Your OTT Content

Besides repurposing pre-recorded videos, you should also offer new content to your viewers. Content planning is an indispensable part of the OTT streaming industry. One should try to create unique content for their OTT platform that is not available on other VOD platforms.

• Launch Your OTT Website

Once you have developed your OTT platform, it is time to launch a customized website for users. Users should be able to access your OTT content via the dedicated website and also via OTT apps. You can also ask your platform provider to develop a personalized website for your OTT businesses.

• Choose the Price of Subscriptions

You will have to create a pricing structure for your OTT platform. OTT apps subscriptions are provided monthly, quarterly, yearly, and for any other interval. Viewers will not use your OTT platform for long if you charge them more than you offer.

• Build a Strong Community

Once you have launched your OTT solution, it is time to engage with the viewers to promote your OTT content. You should invest in building a vast community on social media platforms to promote your OTT content.

• Create Native Applications

OTT app development is necessary for providing a personalized experience to viewers. You can send push notifications and can provide offline downloading with an OTT app. With native branded apps, you can target various OTT devices like smart TVs, desktops, smartphones, and other devices

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