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Kotlin Vs Dart

Kotlin has gained an enormous amount of popularity in recent times. It is a programming language for JVM and it can be used in server, client, android, and web technology. On the other hand, Dart is also one of the major choices of developers. It’s a high-level, interpreted programming language for the development of server, mobile, desktop, and web applications. The benefits of both languages are many, we will be discussing them in brief in this guide. We will be starting with Kotlin, the first trait being its compatibility with Java, enabling Java developers to have access to all the libraries and frameworks to write clear and comprehensive codes. It helps in writing less code to increase readability. Furthermore, it has a large support community and provides more safety. Also, it prevents common mistakes that happen while the execution of a program. Overall, all these features make Kotlin a popular android app development framework, that helps solve many problems and challenges faced by developers.

Now, moving on to the Dart programming language, it is an extremely easy language to learn as Google has put in some great efforts in the documentation part. Further, the applications built in the Dart programming language are much faster than the ones built in other programming languages. Developers can pick up the code easily as it has a clean syntax similar to Java. Moreover, it has amazing supporting tools for app development. Flutter, Angular Dart, Dart Webdev, and Aqueduct are the tools that can integrate with Dart. Considering the benefits and features of Kotlin and Dart, the confusion between declaring the best among them is valid. Both the languages have their pros and cons depending on one’s requirements and expectations.

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