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Digital marketing should be based on the audience you want to reach and the target that you want to achieve. So depending on your target, you can select the marketing strategy accordingly. You can choose SEO, content creation, social media posts, and advertising to build brand awareness. We, The Blockchain app Factory, offer first-class NFT marketing solutions to our clients using various marketing channels like :

Social media marketing: Social media profile is like a business card for all online and offline businesses. Clients will look at your social media channels to see if the brand is authentic and worth investing in. Social media marketing is one of the keys to digital marketing success.

Analytics: Analytics help understands the audience's behavior toward your marketing. It gives us the idea of how people choose to click on your posts, and the average age of our audience, generating a heat map and audience response to our website. This data can be useful for updating and changing marketing strategies.

SEO and content marketing: Good content and link building is one of the important factors that Google takes into consideration when listing websites

Google Ads: Google and Facebook Ads have a wide audience, and as there are high chances of the click going to the first 3 search results on Google searches

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