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A Concise Guide on the type of applications that can be developed using Angular!

A Concise Guide on the type of applications that can be developed using Angular!

AngularJS, a brainchild of Google, was coined in 2010 as a novel framework for architecting versatile web applications. Thereafter, multiple enhanced versions known as Angular followed in quick succession. These Angular versions were tailored to eliminate the existing limitations of AngularJS app Development and to satisfy the ever-increasing requirements of an evolving market. Needless to say, Angular has gained immense popularity in the software industry. Hence, Google has planned to end its official support to AngularJS in June 2021 and move forward with the Angular versions. Consequently, almost every Angular App Development Company has updated from AngularJS to Angular for providing better services to their customers.

Angular’s futuristic approach makes it an irresistible choice for creating modern-day enterprise apps. If you too, have plans to incorporate this outstanding framework, you must be pondering “What Apps Can I Build with Angular?”This article will give a peek about the kind of applications Angular development excels in.

Before we proceed further, let’s take a quick look at the features that add to the uniqueness of Angular.

Glimpses on the avant-garde features of Angular

Angular leads to the creation of robust and scalable applications, in much lesser time and involves a cost-effective developmental cycle. Some of the advantageous features of Angular are:

  • Component-based architecture
  • Support for cross-platform app development
  • Modular structure for development
  • Lesser errors and faster debugging owing to Typescript.
  • Availability of official libraries resulting in fewer bugs and improved security.
  • Support for Angular Material
  • Advanced testing tools
  • Community support and guidance for Angular developers.

What Applications can be built with Angular?

Now it’s time to answer this million-dollar question! So let’s start exploring the type of functionalities and applications that can be created with Angular.

Interfaces with attractive animations

The Angular team has designed a module for helping Angular app developers to design and implement animations. This module is available in Angular’s official library. Angular’s visually attractive animations lead to the creation of engaging and intuitive website designs that stand out from the rest. This approach works wonders in enhancing customer engagement.

SPA (Single Page Applications)

One of the popular choices for website development is a single page application (SPA) owing to the rich user experience that it provides. In SPA, UI interacts dynamically with the web browser. In these applications, the webpage does not reload fully, only new data is sent to the browser as the user browses through the application.  Angular’s proficiency in managing data and its routing abilities facilitate the creation of flawless SPAs.

PWA (Progressive Web Applications)

Progressive Web Applications are trending these days as they impart an app-like experience in the mobile browser. Angular is a great choice for developing PWAs. It satisfies the requirements of a PWA that are quick loading, being available even when offline, adapt easily to the device’s screen, home screen shortcut, push notifications, etc. Furthermore, the CLI command,‘ng add @angular/pwa’, accelerates the PWA set-up process.

Scalable Web Applications

Scalable applications are desirable as they are capable of handling multiple requests per minute without impacting the app’s overall functioning. Angular’s component-based structure enables developing scalable web applications.

Server-side and client side rendering Applications

Angular befits building applications with server-side rendering as it speeds up the loading of pages, and provides more visibility to web applications on search engines. Angular proves advantageous for creating apps with client-side rendering as well. The reason is its ability to load pages fast, and provide a rich UX on Smartphone’s and even on low powered devices. Angular Universal, a pre-rendering solution makes server-side development much easier.

Mobile Applications

Angular is a top choice for creating mobile applications and web apps that run on all sorts of devices. The reason is that most of the front-end code is reusable between the mobile and the web, thereby saving the time and effort of developers. Angular integrated with Native Script or Ionic enables developing Android and iOS apps.

Enterprise Web Applications

The Angular eco-system is ideal for developing sophisticated software often required by huge establishments such as Government institutions and Corporations. This is because of its unified architecture, scalability, availability of components that can be reused for other projects, and the high-security standards provided by Angular app Development.

Successful Applications built in Angular

Angular is an ideal choice for creating a variety of apps. Given below are some examples of Angular empowered applications across diverse industry verticals that have tasted immense success.

  • Video Streaming Apps: Netflix, iStock, YouTube, Vevo, etc.
  • eCommerce Applications: LandSend, Walmart, Lego, etc.
  • Airline Services: JetBlue
  • Payment gateway: PayPal
  • Email Service: Gmail
  • News portals: The Guardian, The New York Times, etc.
  • Weather Applications:
  • Travel Applications: Possee
  • Job and Outsourcing Portals: Freelancer, Upwork,etc.

Concluding Words

This write-up must have enlightened you about the various kinds of apps that can be built using Angular. I hope these useful pieces of information would help managers and entrepreneurs in decision-making. The success stories of the popular apps built in Angular speaks volumes about Angular’s potential to craft a winning strategy for businesses. So, Angular app development is worth a try!

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